About Our Partnerships

The Savannah Clovers FC is proud to have been part of our community since 2022. There has been a lot of growth of both our Club and the Savannah community during that time. None of it is possible without the support of corporate and small business partnerships.

As a partner, you will join Savannah Clover’s professional soccer organization that has established itself as the embodiment of:


  • Savannah’s independent soccer culture, with authenticity and grassroots history.
  • The flood of new families and professionals who are moving into the quickly growing Savannah area.
  • The untapped passion for soccer in the Savannah and South Georgia area across diverse communities ranging from suburban youth soccer players and their families, to the underserved urban and rural communities.
  • A community of Savannah’s citizens of all sizes, colors, and backgrounds celebrating their love of our city and the beautiful game through home games and organized bar nights.