Savannah Clovers FC To Host First Winter Coaching Clinic

Local Coaches Can Register To Learn From The Pros

Savannah Clovers Football Club announced today that it would be conducting its first winter coaching clinic for local soccer coaches as well as strength and conditioning coaches. This clinic will be an educational opportunity for local soccer coaches and trainers to learn valuable lessons about the game from the club’s professional coaches and technical staff in preparation for their upcoming season.

The clinic will train coaches in progressive session planning in line with season objectives and match outcomes,, on-field training exercises as well as Q&A sessions.

“We are excited to host our first coaching clinic for local coaches and trainers at Richmond Hill where we held some of our professional matches last season,” says C.E.O. Shane Folgado. “As a club, we want to make sure that we can remain involved in the community as much as possible and can begin to identify and increase the level of soccer education in our area.”  

“We are looking forward to hosting these educational coaching clinics and meeting some of the local coaches and trainers,” says head coach David Proctor. “As a club, we believe that it’s important that we share our knowledge and technical training abilities with our local coaches so that they can begin to apply them in preparation for their upcoming seasons.”   

The Savannah Clovers FC Winter Coaching Clinic will be held on Saturday, January 20th, 2024 at Devaul Henderson Park in Richmond Hill, GA from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The cost of attending this training clinic will be $100. Coaches who wish to register for this event can do so at

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