Savannah Clovers Sign New Players

Clovers Make Additions To Squad In Playoff Push

SAVANNAH, GEORGIA (August 8, 2023) – Savannah Clovers Football Club announced today the addition of new players to the squad with hopes that the new signings will help push the Clovers to secure a playoff spot before the end of the season.

Jack Chrichton, Goalkeeper – (Colwyn Bay F.C.), Max Rugova, Forward – (Gold Star Detroit F.C.), Cameron Schneider, Midfielder – (Gold Star Detroit F.C.), Alejandro Cruz, Midfielder – (Pro Contract), and Jack Proctor, Midfielder – (Amateur Contract) have all signed on with the Savannah Clovers until the end of the season.

“This season has been a very positive learning experience for everyone at the club and at all levels as we make our transition into a professional soccer club. As a business we have celebrated exciting milestones and constructively endured some challenging moments which fall in line with any new business in any market,” says C.E.O. Shane Folgado. “We are always looking to identify talent that can improve our squad and business across all touchpoints and we believe the squad reinforcements that we have brought in can help us have a strong finish to the season.”

New Savannah Clovers Signing

From left to right – (Max Rugova, Cameron Schneider, Jack Chrichton, Alejandro Cruz)

“We appreciate all of the fans that have supported us in our inaugural season as a professional club,” says Chief Community Officer Brian Sykes. “We want them to know that we are trying our best to make improvements to the squad so that we can make a push for that final playoff spot and help set us up for success in the future.”   

The Savannah Clovers currently sit in 9th place in the N.I.S.A table with 5 points. The Clovers need 12 additional points to move up to 6th place and secure the final playoff spot. 

Savannah Clovers Football Club will play their next match away against the Maryland Bobcats on August 12, 2023, at the Maryland Soccerplex at 7 pm. Fans can stream the match live via the FIFA+ app or at

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