August 2016


ABOUT Savannah Clovers

Derived from First City Supporters, Savannah Clovers Football Club was founded on June 23, 2016 as an amateur soccer club. Our mission is to represent the Hostess City in The National Premier Soccer League. Operating as a Non-profit, we hope to engage players, fans and local businesses in an effort to give back to our community.



1. The circular badge is common in soccer. The circle represents the Timelessness and Unity of our City and Club.
2. The banners of Savannah & Clovers come together to form diamonds. As an element, diamonds are the hardest natural substance. They symbolize the unbreakable bond between the City and Club. 

3. The squares represent the unique Urban and Architectural design of Downtown Savannah, designated as an National Historical Landmark in 1966.

4. Our colors are Park Green & Civic Gold. They signify our parks and squares, along with the dome atop city hall.