Q&A with CCO, Brian Sykes

Chief Community Officer, Brian Sykes, expands on his role with the Savannah Clovers and its
importance to the Community.

Having Co-Founded the club as an amateur startup, how proud are you to see how far the club has grown ahead of the new Pro season in 2023?

Brian Sykes: “I am Incredibly proud and humbled! We wouldn’t be here as an organization without the countless players and supporters that have been involved with the club over the past years. The vision to bring professional Soccer to Savannah was always on the horizon. I’m pleased we were able to fulfill this vision within 10 years of launching the Club.”

You’re currently the Chief Community Officer at the club. What are your key duties and

BS: “If you’ve viewed the show “Welcome to Wrexham” on FX you know how important a soccer club
can be to its community. As far as Savannah goes, it’s about reaching out to and developing relationships with the small businesses community and local governments. Considering we’re a soccer club, listening and being a part of the soccer community is key.”

“Club, Culture, Community” is a mantra that the club is focusing on. What does it mean practically?

BS: “We’d like to see our supporters engage at every level of our motto. We want our fans to support the club and its players in the stands. We truly want to see the soccer culture grow in Savannah. From Premier League watch parties to the fan culture at home games, we want soccer fans to express themselves in a positive manner to show that Savannah is here. We also want to instill a sense of community and belonging to the supporters and that will start with management and the front office staff all the way down to the fans in the stands.

What are Savannah Clovers FC plans to engage with the community?

BS: “Being a part of the Savannah soccer community is just a portion of what we want to do. We want to engage with fans of the club and Savannah in charitable fundraising, neighborhood clean-ups and food drives. It wouldn’t sit right with us to just play soccer on the weekends. We feel, as a soccer club, we should always look for ways to engage with our community so we can give back in a positive way.”

What can SCFC supporters expect ahead of the club’s first season as a Pro outfit?

BS: “Excitement, good soccer and a sense of ownership of course. But overall, I think the big picture is being able to take the supporters along a journey with the club. 2023 will be a massive year for us, and we want it to be memorable for our fans. We want to be competitive on the field of play and as engaging as possible as a club off the pitch.”

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